Some thirteen years ago I helped create a Hebrew program that continues my grandfather's and father's work of giving Hebrew a wide public. If you don't have a teacher, but (obviously, if you read this) DO have a computer, this program could be for you! Even if you don't know the Hebrew alpha-bet and never had any Hebrew, you can learn from this program. Learn to read, learn to speak -- and do it at your own speed, too. The program is totally inter-active, and only you will determine how much and how quickly you learn.   All you need for this program is an IBM compatible computer, 486 or higher. The program runs from DOS, with or without sound, with or without mouse.  This program does not work with windows, and will not operate unless you can start your computer in DOS.  However, you can get a small program on floppy that will start your computer in a basic DOS system, and from there you can make this program work.



You can also get this program

ProgRoset.JPG (34767 bytes)

Which I helped edit and which is a most amazing program for learning Hebrew as a natural language learning experience -

through sound, pictures, the written word and the spoken word.  The Rosetta Stone language programs are available for over 20 languages, Hebrew being one of the latest on their list.  The program works in Windows and is also Mac compatible.

If you want to get it. . . Contact me by E-Mail

In November 2006... Rosetta Stone Hebrew Level II, which I editted, will be ready!

Contact me: benyehuda@usawebs.net or benyehudaelie@gmail.com


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