What is this logo?'


It is my family "Coat of Arms" you might say. When you see it in anothyer file, it will take you "back home."

It is a registered trade mark of the Ben-Yehuda Publishing company founded by my grandmother Hemda and my father Ehud Ben-Yehuda. It is "the Jewish National home" (the shape is that of a house or home) -- and lest you mistake its place, you can see the 'map' of the Eastern Medditeranean sea shore,the river Jordan linking the Sea of Galilee in the north to the Dead Sea in the middle of the country. The 'book' in the 'sea' area is a reference to the "People of the Book" -- the Jewish People. Above the home is a legend in ancient Hebrew characters, "Eyn zo agada" -- it is no tale of fancy!

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The artist Rene Shapshak, a great sculptor whose works are in many collections internationally, the only artist for whom Harry S. Truman sat for the bust that is in the Truman library, struck this medal of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda.  The Hebrew legend reads:  The two things without which the Jews will not be a nation: the land and the language.


Enjoy your visit to my site, and take with you some hope and resolve when you leave.


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