My name is Bob Pliskin, and I believe that you and I are (distantly) related.

My mother (the late Etta Barudin Pliskin) told me that she and Eliezer ben Yehuda were cousins. In fact, I recall meeting a ben Yehuda (I think the son of Eliezer) as he was leaving my mother's apartment in The Bronx; he was on a visit to the US from Israel. This was some time in the 1950's, I think.

Further info: My surname, Pliskin, was taken by my paternal grandfather to avoid conscription into the army. He was born Yuri Nickolaievitch Pearlman. He and one of my maternal grandparents were siblings, so my father and mother were cousins.

Personal history: Born in The Bronx in 1930, married to Berenice

Chaplan in 1953, taught in NYC high schools until retirement in 1990, have a daughter and two grandsons, and live in White Plains, NY.

Best wishes,


My wife, seeing your photo on your web site claims that we resemble each other. Find attached

my portrait.

Bob's portrait copy.jpg (12798 bytes)



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