The Best Kept Secret in Jerusalem could be...


"The Eliezer Ben-Yehuda Memorial"

founded by the Municipality of Jerusalem

and the Academy of the Hebrew Language


Rabbi Ben-Yehuda stands by the sign --

But where is it?


It is found in a large room in the building of the Hebrew Academy --

whose whereabouts are a mystery to most inhabitants of David's Capital.

Actually it is in Giv'at Ram, the Hebrew University campus near Israel's Knesset.

Should you go there, you'll see...

a small sign by the steps the lead down to the room

the room features the original furniture of the Ben-Yehuda home.


The Ben-Yehuda library is in need of refurbishing.


The bust is of Hemda Ben-Yehuda, second wife of Eliezer


The statue of the two girls is of the two youngest daughters of Ben-Yehuda,

Ada and Dola!

The Hebrew Academy expects to refurbish this site in the very near future.

We wish them success in their effort.


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