Eliezer Ben-Yehuda's Grave

He was laid to rest in the soil of the oldest cemetery, Har Haze'ytim - Mount of Olives

His first wife died a long time before he did. Her tomb was "lost" for many years, but was recently rediscovered by volunteers from Ir David. Here is the gravestone that had been uprooted when the cemetery was in Jordanian hands:

The words say: This is the grave of the first mother in modern times who spoke to her children from birth in Hebrew, and thus she raise a generation of Hebrew speakers. The wise woman, Devorah, daughter of Shlomo Hertz and Rivkah Leah Yonas, wife of E. Ben-Yehuda - editor of "Ha'or"

When Eliezer died, his friends and followers purchased a "family plot" for nine - which was surrounded by a small stone fence. Here's a closer view of the cemetery - you must admit that it would be impossible to tell from a distance where one grave is from another...

Unless, of course, it is the Ben-Yehuda plot!

In the whole mountain graveyard there is only ONE "family compound"

Eliezer's grave is in the middle plot, his second wife, Hemda, at his left. Itamar Ben Avi, his

first-born-son in on his right. Leah, Itamars beloved wife, is at her husbands head,

and Ehud, Hemda's son (my father), is at Itamar's feet. Ehud's wife, Dora,

is at Hemda's head.

May they all rest in peace.




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